Stonewood Panels are solid phenolic architectural panels (also referred to as compact laminate) manufactured by Fiberesin. Panels and planks are designed for use as open joint exterior cladding in a rainscreen design. Versatile installation options include exposed and concealed fasteners, as well as a stackable mounting system. Stonewood panels pass the rigorous NFPA 285 test and are offered in stunning designs to accent new and retrofit construction.

Exterior Panels

What are Phenolic Panels?
  • Kraft paper is the major component
  • Phenolic resin and a decorative layer are added
  • The “paper sandwich” is cured under heat and pressure
  • The result is a highly durable and non-porous wall covering or cladding
  • Impervious to moisture, graffiti, and bacteria
  • Damaging UV rays are 99% filtered
  • Panels tolerate all climates
  • Stonewood panels are NFPA 285 compliant

Fastening Systems

Stonewood offers a variety of options to choose from 
  • Exposed Fasteners - EF
  • Concealed Fasteners - CF
  • Stonewood Stack
  • Stonewood Clip

Interior Panels

What are the benefits of Interior Panels?
  • Cladding built to last
  • Straightforward installation
  • Panels for every purpose
  • Environmentally responsible
  • Outstanding customer service



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